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Major Straits of the World (Complete List)

Major Straits of the World

What is Strait?

· A Strait is a naturally formed, narrow, usually navigable waterway that connects two larger bodies of water. A strait is a thin channel of a waterway that lies between two land masses.

· The following are the main characteristics of a strait –

o Formed by natural processes

o Narrower than the seas it connects

o Navigability

· It is used for international navigation through the territorial sea as a transit passage.

Major Straits of the World (Complete List)

Importance of Straits of the World

· Major straits of the world are used by commercial shipping to travel from one sea or exclusive economic zone to another.

· They are of immense strategic and commercial importance.

· They also serve as a channel through which ocean currents pass modifying the climate of that area.

· Straits are the important places which holds the important roles in the economic prosperity and development of the region. Historically, many Empires have risen and fallen due to the strategic control of these economically important passages near their domain. They play an important role in economic and military matters to this day.


This is an important topic in Geography for various Competitive Exams such as SSC, Railways, UPSC prelims etc. It is important to know the different straits of the world and their location on the map.

List of Major Straits of the World

· The following table lists the major straits in the world which are important for the various exams. Following is the list of Major Straits of the World on the basis of Location and Continents –

List of other major Straits of Asia




Malacca Strait

Andaman Sea & South China Sea

Indonesia – Malaysia

Palk Strait

Palk Bay & Bay of Bengal

India – Sri Lanka

Sunda Strait

Java Sea & Indian Ocean

Indonesia (Sumatra and java)

Makkassar Strait

Java Sea & Celebes Sea



Red sea and Gulf of Aden

Yemen (Arabian Peninsula) and Djibouti, Eritrea of Smali Peninsula

Hormuz strait

Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf

Oman – Iran

Duncan Passage

Bay of Bengal and Andaman sea

Rutland island of Great Andaman and Little Andaman

Korea Strait

East China sea and sea of Japan

Japan and South Korea

Ten Drgree Channel

Bay of Bengal and Andaman sea

Little Andaman and Car Nicobar Islands

Taiwan (Formosa or Black Ditch) Strait

East China sea and North China sea

Taiwan island from mainland Asia

Qiongzhou (Hainan) Strait

Gulf of Tonkin and South China sea

Hainan island and Leizhou peninsula

Bering Strait

Bering Sea & Chuksi Sea

Alaska – Russia

Tsungaru Strait

Japan Sea and Pacific Ocean

Japan (Hokkaido – Honshu Island)

Tatar Strait

Japan Sea & Okhotsk Sea

Russia (East Russia – Sakhalin Islands)

La Perouse strait

Japan Sea & Okhotsk Sea

Russia (Sakhalin island) and Japan



List of other major Straits of Europe




Gibraltar Strait

Mediterranean Sea & Atlantic Ocean


Mesina Strait

Tyrrhenian sea and Ionian sea

Italy – Sicily

Dover strait

English Channel & North Sea

England – France

Bonifacio strait

Tyrrhenian sea and Mediterranean sea

Corsica island of France and Sardina islands of Italy

Corfu strait

Adriatic sea and Ionian sea

Albania and Greece

North Channel

(Moyle strait)

Irish sea and Atlantic ocean

northeast Ireland and southwest Scotland

Bosporous Strait

Black Sea and Marmara Sea


Dardenelles Strait

Marmara Sea and Agean Sea


Otranto Strait

Adriatic Sea & Ionian Sea

Italy – Albania

St George’s channel (Irish Channel)

Irish sea and Celtic sea

Ireland and Great Britain

Strait of Sicily

West and East Mediterranean sea

Sicily island of Italy and Tunisia (Africa)



Sicily-strait-Bosporus-Strait-Dardanelles-Strait-studywrap, Major Straits of the World

List of other major Straits of Africa




Mozambique channel

Indian ocean

Madagascar and Mozambique (mainland Africa)

Tiran strait

Gulf of Aqaba and Red sea

Sinai and Arabian peninsula

Zanzibar strait

Indian ocean

Zanzibar (Unguja) island from Tanzania (mainland Africa)




Major Straits of the World

List of other major Straits of America




Bering Strait

Bering Sea & Chuksi Sea

Alaska – Russia

Magellan strait

Pacific and South Atlantic Ocean


Florida Strait

Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic ocean

Florida (USA) and Cuba

Yuctan Channel

Caribbean sea with Gulf of Mexico

Mexico and Cuba

Mona Passage

Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean

Puerto Rico

Jamaica Channel

Caribbean sea and north Atlantic

Jamaica and Hispaniola

Davis strait

Baffin bay and Labrador sea

Greenland and Baffin island (Canada)

Hudson strait

Gulf of Hudson & Atlantic Ocean (Labrador Sea)

Baffin island and Labrador peninsula

Denmark strait

North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean

Iceland and Greenland

Nares strait (Smith sound)

Baffin bay and Lincoln sea (Arctic ocean)

Greenland and Ellesmere Island of Canada

Belle Isle strait

Gulf of St Lawrence and Atlantic ocean

Labrador peninsula and Newfoundland


Major Straits of the World 


List of other major Straits of Oceania




Taurus Strait

Arafura Sea & Gulf of Papua

Papua New Guinea – Australia

Bali strait

Indian ocean and Bali sea

Java and Bali islands of Indonesia

Bass strait

Great Australian Bight and Tasman sea

Tasmania island and mainland Australia

Cook Strait

Tasman sea and south Pacific

North and South Island of New Zealand

Karimata strait

South China sea and Java sea

Sumatra and Borneo islands of Indonesia

Singapore strait

Strait of Malacca and South China sea

Singapore and Indonesia

Torres strait

Arafura sea and Gulf of Papua

Australia and Melanesian island of New Guinea

Vitiaz strait

Bismark sea and Soloman sea

Huon peninsula and New Britain of New Guinea


Interesting Facts about Straits of World

· Longest strait of world – Strait of Malacca which separates Malay Peninsula from Sumatra island of Indonesia. It is 800 Km long.

· Widest strait of world – Denmark Strait (or Greenland strait) which separates Greenland from Iceland. It is 290 km wide at the narrowest point.

· Narrowest strait of world – Bosphorus strait, at the narrowest point the width is 800 m.

· Shallowest strait of world – Sunda strait, at the eastern part the depth decreases to about 20 mt making it very difficult for navigation.

· Strait that separates Asia from America – Bering Strait

· Strait that separates Australia from Tasmania – Bass strait

· Strait that separates Europe from Africa – Gibraltar strait


So, this was all about the Major Straits of the World. If you want to read more such notes on similar topics, than Click Here.


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