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Important Battles in Indian History (Complete List)

List of Important Battles in Indian History The table below enlists all the important Battles in Indian History in time…

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The Tripartite Struggle – The Palas, Pratihar as and Rashtrakutas

The Tripartite Struggle (ez-toc) Introduction The Tripartite Struggle took place in the 8th – 9th centuries, between the three great…

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The Gurjara Pratihara – Rulers, Administration etc.

The Gurjara Pratihara · The Gurjara Pratihara, or simply, the Pratiharas was an imperial power during 8th – 11th century,…

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Pala Dynasty – Rulers, Administration, Art & Architecture

The Pala Dynasty A number of powerful empires arose in northern India and the Deccan between AD 750 and 1000.…

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The Rashtrakutas – Rulers, Administration & Architecture

The Rashtrakutas The term ‘rashtrakuta’ means designated officers-in-charge of territorial division called rashtra. They originally belonged to Lattatura or modern…

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Historical Background of Indian Constitution

Historical Background of Indian Constitution The British came to India in 1600 as traders, in the form of East India…

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