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Gandhi Peace Prize – Rewards, Consideration & Winners

Gandhi Peace Prize

What is Gandhi Peace Prize?

  • This Gandhi Peace Prize was established in year 1995 by the Government of India to commemorate the 125th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, as a tribute to his ideals and contributions to humanity.
  • The prize was announced by the Ministry of Culture.
  • This award is conferred to individuals as well as organisations for their distinguished role in social service and contributing for changes incurred in economy, administration, and polity of any country, culture, community or society by nonviolent methods and by adopting values and principles shown by Mahatma Gandhi.

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  • The Gandhi Peace Award has following components –
    • Rs. 1 crore
    • A citation
    • A plaque
    • An exquisite traditional handicraft/ handloom item

Selection Committee

  • Selection committee for finalizing the winner of this award consists of a panel of Prime Minister of India, Leader of Opposition of Lok Sabha, Chief Justice of India and two other important persons from different categories.
  • The Gandhi Peace Prize is awarded to one person/organization annually.
  • The term of the jury is three years.
  • Ex-officio members of the jury (PM, CJI & LoOp) are permanent members, while eminent members retire. Reappointment is applicable.
  • Prime Minister is the head of the jury. In his absence, remaining members of the jury decide the presiding officer.
  • A majority of the jury is needed to make a decision. Further, no protests can be made against the jury’s decisions.

Consideration for Gandhi Peace Prize

  1. This award is given to individuals, associations, institutions or organizations who have worked selflessly for peace, non-violence.
  2. This award is of international category which means that any person or organisation from all over world irrespective of country, region, cast, creed, race, religion etc. are considered to be eligible.
  3. The award can also be conferred as a ‘Joint Award’ as may be decided by the jury. Two persons and/or organizations equally deserving of this prize can be awarded with Gandhi Peace Joint Award.
  4. Any organization that meets the eligibility criteria can be awarded with the Gandhi Peace Prize.
  5. The Jury is empowered to uphold the award for the year in case of insubstantial nominations.
  6. The award is conferred to the person/organization/institution or association considering the work done by them in 10 years preceding the nomination year. However, the jury considers older work if its significance has not become apparent until recently.
  7. Work by a person since deceased cannot be the subject of an Award. If, however, his death occurred subsequent to a proposal having been submitted to the Jury (headed by the Prime Minister) in the manner stipulated in the Code of Procedure, then a Posthumous Award may be made.
  8. The first awardee of this award in opening year 1995 was Julius Nyerere. He was a politician from Tanzania.

List of Winners of Gandhi Peace Prize

Here is the list of Gandhi Peace Prize Winner –






Julius Nyerere


Julius Kambarage Nyerere was a Tanzanian politician who served as the leader of Tanzania, and previously Tanganyika, from 1960 until his retirement in 1985.


A. T. Ariyaratn

Sri Lanka

Founder of Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement


Gerhard Fischer


German diplomat, recognised for his work against leprosy and polio


Ramakrishna Mission


Founded by Swami Vivekananda for promoting social welfare, tolerance, and non-violence among disadvantaged groups


Baba Amte


Social worker, known particularly for his work for the rehabilitation and empowerment of poor people suffering from leprosy


Nelson Mandela

South Africa

Former President of South Africa


John Hume


Northern Irish Politician and major figure in the Northern Ireland peace process


Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan


Educational trust that emphasises Indian culture


Václav Havel

Czech Republic

Last President of Czechoslovakia and first President of the Czech Republic


Coretta Scott King

United States

Activist and civil rights leader.


Desmond Tutu

South Africa

South African cleric and activist.He was South African social rights activist and retired Anglican bishop who rose to worldwide fame during the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid.


Chandi Prasad Bhatt


Environmentalist, social activist and pioneer of the Chipko movement. Founded Dasholi Gram Swarajya Sangh (DGSS)




Space agency of the Indian Govt. Objective is to advance space technology and deliver the applications of it


Vivekananda Kendra


A Hindu spiritual organisation based on the principles preached by Swami Vivekananda


Akshaya Patra Foundation


A non-profit organisation in India that runs school lunch programme across India


Ekal Abhiyan Trust


Contribution in providing Education for Rural and Tribal Children in remote areas pan India, Rural Empowerment, Gender and Social Equality.


Yōhei Sasakawa


For his contribution in Leprosy Eradication in India and across the world.


Qaboos bin Said Al Said


For contributions for social, economic and political transformation through non-violent and other Gandhian methods.


Sheikh Mujibur Rahman


For his contributions towards social, economic and political transformation through non-violent and other Gandhian methods.


Gita Press


For outstanding contributions towards social, economic and political transformation through non-violent and other Gandhian methods.


Other Awards not presented by India with the Name of Gandhi

  • There are two more international level awards which sounds similar to the Gandhi Peace Prize, the only difference being they are not provided by the Government of India
  • These two similar awards on the name of Mahatma Gandhi are –
    • Gandhi Peace Award – The Gandhi Peace Award is given by United States based NGO – Promoting Enduring Peace for contributions made towards international peace and good will.
    • Gandhi International Peace Award – Gandhi International Peace award is provided by Gandhi Foundation, which is UK based organisation inspired by Gandhian philosophy.

Interesting Facts

  • In 2016, Akshaya Patra Foundation and Sulabh International were jointly awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize.
  • In 2000, Dr. Nelson Mandela and Grameen Bank of Bangladesh were given a joint Gandhi Peace Prize.
  • Organizations which has been awarded with Prize – Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Ramakrishna Mission, Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, Vivekananda Kendra, Akshaya Patra, Ekal Abhiyan Trust, Sulabh International.


So, this was all about the important Gandhi Peace Prize – Rewards, Consideration & WinnersIn the Next Post (Click Here), we will learn about the Nobel Prize.

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